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        An equity campaign to increase access to green buildings.

        Advance Framework

        The Advance Campaign for Social Equity connects community organizations with experts and resources to green their facilities and operations. Leaders from non-profit, social service and other community organizations partner with USGBC members to:

        • Define the value of sustainability in your own terms
        • Build a ‘green leadership team’ to champion your success
        • Assess and benchmark current green efforts
        • Set clear goals and a develop a plan of action
        • Implement effective strategies that meet your short and long term goals
        • Access tools, resources and training to enhance your success
        • Celebrate your achievements and pursue leadership certifications

        The campaign supports all types of community organizations that serve vulnerable populations and seek to maximize their building’s potential and performance, including:

        • Faith-based organizations and leadership
        • Low-income housing communities and leadership
        • Title 1 schools and leadership
        • Veterans service organizations and leadership
        • Public and social service organizations and leaders

        Learn more about community organizations’ participation this campaign:

        • Forward Thinking: Advance offers low-cost strategies with high-impact results when greening our communities
        • Gateway to Sustainability: A St. Louis community has faith-based response to climate change
        • Skill Builders: For almost 40 years, YouthBuild has guided underprivileged young adults into constructive careers and lives
        • In Step with Sustainability: St. Anthony Village is Winning Accolades for moving forward toward becoming a Green City

        Non-profit, faith-based organizations who serve vulnerable, low income or other disadvantaged people and communities are target partners for this campaign. This includes denominations, diocese, individual congregations and other faith-based missions focused social, housing, or other public benefit services. USGBC has worked with the following organizations through the Advance Campaign:

        Get started

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