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        Green building strategies are increasingly being introduced into traditional building codes, addressing the cross-cutting categories of site selection, water conservation, energy efficiency, renewables, indoor environmental quality and resource conservation. With large U.S. states and metro areas leading the way, governments and local jurisdictions have adopted green building criteria as policy, many of which are based on or reference LEED.


        Strong and successful green building code has a vital role helping create the best communities for today without compromising the needs of future generations.

        • Supports health, safety and welfare of communities
        • Increases economic and resource efficiency of buildings
        • Reduces the effects of climate change
        • Improves the overall resilience of the built environment


        The 2018 International Green Construction Code is an adoptable, usable and enforceable standard for green building design and construction. As a co-sponsor, USGBC encourages the widespread adoption of the 2018-IgCC. Within jurisdictions that adopt the new green code, USGBC will allow projects pursuing LEED certification to be recognized for their compliance to select IgCC measures. Learn more about 2018-IgCC

        Helps support the health, safety and welfare of communities and cities

        2018-IgCC incorporates measures that result in better indoor environments, lower impact on natural resources, better neighborhood connections, and improved walkability.

        Enables easy adoption in any jurisdiction.

        2018-IgCC contains provisions that allow the seamless coordination with the International Energy Conservation Code or ASHRAE Standard 90.1.

        Provides a green model code to government jurisdictions

        IgCC eliminates the high cost of developing individual code and provides code uniformity among adopting jurisdictions.

        Synergies between specific IgCC measures and LEED credits

        IgCC enables a streamlined approach to leadership that is built on a consistent green code.



        林丹世界排名Explore connections between LEED and building codes林丹世界排名


        What does the 2018 IgCC accomplish?

        The 2018-IgCC will help governments streamline code development and adoption and it will improve building industry standardization by integrating two previously separate guidance documents.

        What guidance documents does the 2018 IgCC combine?

        The 2018-IgCC combines AHSRAE's ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES 189.1 - Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings Except Low Rise Residential Buildings with ICC's International Green Construction Code. The 2018-IgCC combines the technical requirements developed by the ASHRAE Standard 189.1 with the model code administrative provisions by ICC.

        Who are the co-sponsors of the 2018-IgCC?

        The 2018-IgCC is co-sponsored by ASHRAE, the International Code Council, the Illuminating Engineering Society and USGBC.

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