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        USGBC Students have access to the largest network of sustainability professionals around the world, as well as opportunities to network and volunteer with local community groups.

        • 韩国电视剧推荐Create an account韩国电视剧推荐: Create a user profile on usgbc.org. Log into your account and navigate to "Account > Settings." Under the "About" section, indicate that you are a student and provide the following information: your school, student ID number, and graduation date. You will also be asked to provide this information each time you complete a purchase in order to receive discounts on USGBC products.
        • 韩国电视剧推荐Gather韩国电视剧推荐: Students are everywhere. Anyone with a usgbc.org user profile can search for and contact other students through the USGBC Students directory.
        • 韩国电视剧推荐Get Involved韩国电视剧推荐: Get involved with your local USGBC community — volunteer and advocacy opportunities abound, as do opportunities to connect with and learn from industry professionals eager to mentor students. To find your local USGBC Community check out the USGBC Directory.
        • 韩国电视剧推荐Get educated on green building韩国电视剧推荐: Watch the courses Green Building for Everyone and LEED 101: Green Building Basics & LEED v4.
        • 韩国电视剧推荐Obtain a professional credential to show your green building expertise韩国电视剧推荐: Prepare for the LEED Green Associate Exam by using this Study Plan and purchase the LEED Green Associate Study Bundle at the special student price of $109.
        • 韩国电视剧推荐Advocate for your institution to launch a LEED Lab韩国电视剧推荐: This multidisciplinary immersion course utilizes the built environment to educate and prepare students to become green building leaders and sustainability focused citizens. Share information on LEED Lab with faculty to get interest, or share information about the Building Learners program for K-12 schools.
        • 韩国电视剧推荐Take advantage of student discounts韩国电视剧推荐: Students receive discounts on USGBC products, including the LEED v4 web-based reference guide ($50), Education @USGBC subscription ($99), 韩国电视剧推荐 USGBC publications (USGBC member price), LEED Green Associate Study Bundle ($109) and the LEED Green Associate exam ($100).

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