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        In this digital world, badges are one way that professional profiles are evolving to recognize achievements. Badges are more than just an icon—they are a visual representation of your accomplishment that includes details about what you’ve learned and how you earned it. All USGBC badges are portable to other platforms, such as LinkedIn and Mozilla backpack. View badge Q&A’s in the Help Center.


        Available badges are knowledge-based or activity-based.

        • Knowledge-based: Complete education and pass required assessment
        • Activity-based: Apply and be approved for a USGBC program or committee

        You can earn the following green building badges.


        Building Data Analytics


        Energy efficiency

        Health & wellness

        Indoor air quality (IAQ)


        LEED Lab

        Location and Transportation

        Material Selection


        Renewable Energy

        Occupant Comfort

        Site Assessment

        Water Efficiency


        Pro Reviewer

        USGBC Faculty

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