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        Silver Membership Benefits


        白沙洲规划Member directory with Silver badge白沙洲规划

        Our Silver level members enjoy the recognition of an enhanced member profile on usgbc.org, denoted with the Silver badge. Take advantage of our highly visited website to tell others what you do. Add photography and testimonials to showcase your impact.?Access your benefit.

        白沙洲规划Member logo & certificate白沙洲规划

        Take advantage of using the USGBC member logo on your website and promotional materials. You will also receive a membership certificate for display in your workspace. Access your benefit.


        Support your company's LEED professional credential maintenance requirements with free access to 30 hours of continuing education through USGBC's library of courses on Education @USGBC. Once registered, your employees can receive continuing education hours after passing a convenient online quiz. Access your benefit.


        Your Silver level membership makes a statement. It says that you are an industry leader, supporting the ongoing development of USGBC’s mission of a prosperous and sustainable future. Your membership commitment supports USGBC’s advocacy activities, the USGBC local community network, the Center for Green Schools, Project Haiti among others.

        白沙洲规划Insider updates白沙洲规划
        Receive the latest members-only industry information including informative emails, such as the Members only Insider Update. You will also have the opportunity to subscribe to a variety of other emails and building sector specific digests to stay up-to-date on the latest LEED and industry news and happenings at USGBC. Access your benefit.

        白沙洲规划USGBC+ magazine白沙洲规划
        USGBC+ is your membership magazine, and it explores the life and work of the people who design and craft intelligent, high-performance buildings and spaces, bringing to light the creativity and passion behind every green building project. Access USGBC+ online at plus.usgbc.org.


        白沙洲规划Participation in LEED ballots & elections白沙洲规划

        We welcome input into the development and improvement of LEED through public comment periods and member balloting. USGBC member employees also have the opportunity to vote in elections for the Board of Directors. Access your benefit.

        白沙洲规划Eligibility to participate in committees & working groups白沙洲规划

        Influence programs that advance the green building industry by serving on a committee or the USGBC Advisory Council. Any full-time employee of a member organization in good standing is invited to apply. Access your benefit.

        白沙洲规划Eligibility to serve as USGBC Faculty白沙洲规划

        Increase your involvement as a USGBC faculty member. Not only do participants directly contribute to the advancement of the mission, but you also receive professional exposure within the green building industry.?Access your benefit.


        Products Silver cost Savings
        LEED Integration Guides Varies At least $10 per publication
        LEED Study Guides $70 $15
        LEED Reference Guides (hard copy) $160-199 $35-50
        Education @USGBC subscription 30 hours, then $175 for individual unlimited access $24 per individual
        LEED Green Associate exam fee $200 $50
        LEED AP exam composite fee (LEED Green Associate + Specialty) $400 $150
        Greenbuild registration Varies See Greenbuildexpo.com
        Community membership Varies $20
        LEED v4 Rating System Review (BD+C and ID+C) Course $0 $225
        LEED v4 Rating System Review (O+M) Course $0 $225
        LEED registration $1,200 $300
        LEED certification (NC, CI, S, full CS) Varies $500 to $5,000
        Greenbuild expo space Varies See Greenbuildexpo.com
        Paid-from-Savings Guide e-book $0 $50
        Green Operations Guide e-book $0 $85
        Three education course reviews $0 $250



        Products Silver cost Savings
        白沙洲规划Parksmart registration $1,200 $300
        白沙洲规划Parksmart certification - New construction $5,500 $1,000
        白沙洲规划Parksmart certification - Existing $4,500 $1,000
        SITES registration $2,500 $500
        SITES certification $6,500 $2,500
        SITES registration + certification (combined) $8,000 $1,500
        SITES AP exam fee $300 $150
        TRUE Advisor fees $350 $100
        WELL AP exam fee $465 $195
        PEER Contact peer@gbci.org to learn about the discounted rates
        TRUE Contact zerowaste@gbci.org to learn about the discounted rates

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