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        Join the community that is building a better, healthier and safer future.

        Become a member

        USGBC membership


        USGBC is powered by its members. Our members have shaped our organization into what it is today and are driving the entire green building community to go further faster than ever before. We’re made up of companies large and small, local and multinational. We’re educators and innovators, scientists and activists, nonprofit employees and policymakers, advocates and more. We bring diverse backgrounds and experiences but share one steadfast vision: that the green building community can help change our world for the better.

        Being a member of USGBC isn’t just about a logo on your company’s website—it’s also about being part of a community. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform our homes, buildings, communities and cities. Our vision at USGBC is only successful due to the partnership and support of change makers, businesses, nonprofit and governmental leaders who understand the value of LEED and are committed to advancing green building and sustainability.


        Your USGBC membership is essential in developing and evolving LEED—the world’s most widely applied standard for sustainable building. Every day, more than 2.6 million square feet of space is certified to LEED contributing to raising the living standard for all, from cities to communities. When you join USGBC, you signal your support for the growing green building movement, as well as programs and initiatives that advance our global mission.


        Because of our members, USGBC has evolved as an organization and as a green building community. We have pioneered a green economy that is redefining modern leadership. We are partners in each other’s successes:

        费鸟A new era of LEED: LEED v4.1费鸟

        LEED v4.1 is the latest update to the world’s largest green building and communities rating system, was an outcome of the thought leadership of our member companies and volunteers. Working together over the past 25 years, we have been able to enhance LEED to accelerate the evolution of sustainable communities and cities. Thanks to your contributions, LEED isn’t just the preeminent building standard. It is a critical part of improving the universal standard of living for people across the globe.

        费鸟Community development费鸟

        Over the past few years, USGBC has invested across the U.S. to grow our local communities. With sustained financial and leadership support from our members, we have been hyper-focused on deepening stakeholder engagement, strengthening relationships and developing leaders. The stronger our communities, the faster we achieve our mission.


        Membership is offered for organizations at four levels: Organizational, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

        USGBC Organizational membership


        All Organizational benefits plus:

        • Silver badge in online member directory
        • 30 hours of Education @USGBC subscription
        • Savings on Greenbuild Expo space
        • Three complimentary course reviews
        • Savings on certification & registration?LEED, PEER, Parksmart, SITES and TRUE

        From $1,500/year

        USGBC Gold membership


        All Gold benefits plus:

        • Platinum badge in online member directory
        • Unlimited access to Education @USGBC subscription
        • Unlimited access to LEED v4 web-based reference guide
        • Leadership recognition among USGBC’s network
        • Added access for all of your employees


        View detailed membership levels, benefits and dues information. Individuals can also join; 费鸟find your local USGBC community. Not sure which package best suits you? We can help. Call us at 1-800-795-1747 or email us at membership@usgbc.org.



        For more than 25 years, USGBC and its community have worked together to advance green building and create a more sustainable world. The four pillars that will support the next 25 years of USGBC are sustainability, health and wellness, resilience, and equity.


        • LEED and human health: A stronger environmental performance leads to economic prosperity, better quality of life, and improved wellbeing for all. Green buildings are proven to enhance human health and wellness. 费鸟Learn more.


        • Center for Resilience: We support resilient buildings that allow communities to be ready, not surprised. USGBC believes we must continuously look over the horizon to foreseeable and unforeseeable crises.
        • Cities and communities: LEED for Cities and Communities certification is revolutionizing city planning, development, operations and performance, while also improving life for citizens around the world.

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